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The top of the ring is adorned with 101 diamonds, representing the number of regular season victories won by the Astros in 2017. When connected with the 11 custom-cut baguettes, the total diamond count reaches 112, the final number of wins the Astros achieved to become World Champions.


Completing the top of the ring are 56 round diamonds, which encircle the logo and represent the 56 years of Astros franchise history prior to earning a World Championship.


Everyone needs a good luck charm. There isn’t anyone in the world who does not wish to be lucky! The easiest way to find good luck, is by carrying crystals for good luck. Gemstones carry living energy, and each one has many different metaphysical and healing properties. Luck is generally part of the energy of many stones, making crystals the ideal good luck charm.

There are many different lucky crystals, some being more popular and well known then others. When choosing your lucky stones, you will often want to experiment with multiple, finding which ones bring the most luck to you. It will be different for every person and will also depend on what situation you want to bring luck to.

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Crystals for Good Luck

Lucky Stones for Strength and Protection

If you are looking for luck in protection, Agate is your lucky stone! It is the gemstone that everyone should carry with them at all times for protection.It is one of the oldest gemstones recorded in history. In ancient civilizations, agate stones were often placed on the breastplates of warriors to bring them strength, protection and victory in battle.

Good Luck Crystals for Business

If you are looking for luck in business, Citrine and Malachite are the lucky stones for you! Citrine is known as the “lucky Merchant’s stone.” It is a powerful stone for prosperity and money. If you are in any type of sales, place citrine stones in your cash drawer and experience the results. Malachite is said to protect you from misfortune, as well as undesirable business associations, and can be used to bring success in business.